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We are a community of wellness and fitness instructors from around the world who offer on-demand access to online and in-person classes and workshops from anywhere, anytime. Balance WithUs offers live online classes and in-person private training to anyone looking to expand their yoga, fitness and wellness goals from the comfort of their own home which takes down the barriers for many to join a studio or gym.

Who We Are

Balance provides a platform for members to connect with wellness instructors and coaches for in-person sessions or online classes. Tools for exploring available classes, services, scheduling time with an instructor, and paying for services via drop-ins, packages, and donations are available. In addition, you can support your favorite instructors by purchasing or subscribing to their video content.

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Balance WithUs is a complete solution for yoga and fitness instructors, health coaches, and other wellness service providers, to manage their entire workflow from member signup to delivering various training, classes and private sessions in an efficient manner. Balance empowers instructors by providing a marketplace for their services, connecting them with end consumers, and by streamlining the scheduling and payment process.

Our Mission

Our vision is to enrich wellbeing of individuals through proven and effective wellness practices delivered by passionate professionals on demand.

We are committed to our mission of providing tools, resources, and opportunities to wellness service providers, and empowering them to deliver best-quality & safe wellbeing solutions to serve their followers better.

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