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Our Story

Balance’s journey began with the mission of empowering yoga teachers to provide a teaching opportunities and shifting paradigm into yoga festivals and on-line classes. When introduced, Balance was one of its kind in the "pre-covid era" platform. During the pandemic, a group of wellness instructors started offering their classes and services online. With the community first approach, and support from instructors, Balance has become a home for all sorts of wellness instructors and holistic coaches who manage their business while serving their clients and staying in touch with their followers.

Our vision is to have empowered & passionate instructors making a difference in the well-being of their clients and followers through proven and effective wellness, fitness, and mindfulness practices.

We are committed to our mission of providing tools, resources, and opportunities to our instructors, and to empower them to deliver best-quality & safe wellbeing solutions while helping them expand their business. We are constantly evolving with new capabilities and features by listening to our users.

Who We Are

Why work with us?

We are the most affordable, best all-in-one platform that offers you premium business tools so you can provide high-quality wellness solutions to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime!

Balance is easy to use for instructors and their members who can join for FREE. Instructors don’t have to pay staggering percentage commissions on their earnings and the monthly fee is smaller compared to generic platforms who claim to cater to the wellness industry.

We love working together to help you grow and customize your business! Your content, your marketing, your products… all working seamlessly with our one-stop-shop solution!

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What do we provide?

Balance is a complete solution for yoga and fitness instructors, health coaches, and other wellness service providers, to manage their entire workflow from member signup to delivering various training, classes and private sessions in an efficient manner. Balance empowers instructors by providing a marketplace for their services and content, connecting them with end consumers, and by streamlining the scheduling and payment process.

Balance provides a platform to members and students with options to expand their fitness and wellness goals from the comfort of their own home which takes down the barriers for many to join a studio or gym.

Balance provides a platform for members to connect with wellness instructors and coaches for in-person sessions or online and small or group classes. Tools for exploring available classes, services, scheduling time with an instructor, and paying for services via drop-ins, packages, and memberships are available. In addition, you can support your favorite instructors by purchasing or subscribing to their video content.

Our Mission
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