Do I Need a Gimbal?

You’re maybe at the point where you want to level up your social media content or content your filming for a YouTube channel. A gimbal might be a tool you’ve heard of and can be a fun addition to your creative process. Using a gimbal helps you stabilize a recording…


The Best on the Go Tripod

When you’re trying to improve the quality of your content, a tripod is a great investment to assist you. The issue is that tripods can sometimes be bulky or not easily transportable. The TONEOF Selfie Stick Tripod is an affordable tripod that health & fitness professionals can utilize to help…


Starting a Podcast

Starting a podcast as a health & fitness professional can be a great business tool for so many reasons. One reason that has been highlighted in previous episodes of the Balance Podcast is being able to work on your public speaking skills. Public speaking is a frightening task for many…


Which camera for online workouts?

Where do you start when you’re looking to improve the quality of video for your online workouts? This may be for a YouTube workout channel or maybe an on demand library that you’re building. In this review, Tyler Valencia goes through three different options that also come in at three…


Switching from Live to Online Workouts feat. Kelly Favret

One of the biggest benefits of doing online workouts is the flexibility. Not just for the fitness instructor but for the individual participating in the workout from home. If you are filming and creating online workouts, there’s no set time that you must show up at a gym and you’re…


Is Online a Good Route for First Time Instructors?

An interesting topic for instructors to discuss is, has online become a viable route for new instructors entering the health & fitness industry? In previous years, many would have advised entry level professionals that they need to apply to a certain number of gyms in order to get experience and…


3 Beginner Tips for Filming Online Workouts

When you’re starting to film online workouts, you don’t know where to start. Your first thought is to teach like you would a normal in-person class, but in reality there are some differences that you learn from gaining experience. In this video, Tyler Valencia goes over three beginner tips for…


3 Differences With Online Workouts

There are many differences between online workouts and in-person classes. Discussing the differences can hopefully help fitness instructors adapt quicker to teaching to a camera and create workouts that create more engagement. In this video, Tyler Valencia goes over three differences with online workouts and how you can learn from…


Creating a YouTube Online Workout Channel feat. Courtney Andersen

When it comes to YouTube, it’s important to know that it is a marathon and not a sprint for most fit pros. Courtney Andersen is a fitness professional that knows all about this journey and shares her insights in the latest episode of the Balance Podcast. Prior to going fully…


Evolving Within the Fitness Industry feat. Aviana Garcia

Working in the fitness industry takes grit and consistency to grow. Many individuals find themselves looking for a career change after a year or leaving all together because it wasn’t as easy as they thought. Being willing to grow and adapt your business is part of the process when being…


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