Tips For Beginning Yoga

  If you’re thinking about starting yoga or have already started and still consider yourself a newbie, you’ve come to the right place. Every one of these tips deserve their own post. Implementing them has the ability to create endless possibilities to positively impact every area of your life. But,…


Spiritual Bath: DIY Energy Cleanse

  Ever have a run in with someone where you get this weird feeling like something isn’t right or makes you uncomfortable? What about those conversations that just leave you feeling drained afterwards? How about the conversations or experiences that light you up and get you energized? Or when someone…


Coming into Mindfulness amidst a Global Pandemic

  We are in a time where there is a lot of uncertainty and fear regarding the pandemic that is sweeping the planet. Life is not what we are used to. Many of the activities we are accustomed to are ‘on pause’ and most of us are spending a lot…


Slowing Down & Tuning In

  Ever have those days where you are running around, going at what feels like 90mph? Getting things done, processing current events, managing your personal life, families, work, healing, and all of the things in-between?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We live in a society where “hustling” is normal and…


How to Help Your Family Grow Closer and Avoid Tension During the Pandemic

  Self-isolation is one of the most effective ways for dealing with the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy on families. Even though the pandemic has been going on for months, your family might still be struggling to cope with the new normal. At the same time, tensions may…


4 Must Haves For Practicing Yoga At Home

  Okay, you busted me! You don’t “need” anything to practice yoga at home. The only necessity for doing yoga is your breath, which I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you have! Stick around anyway and find out about these 4 “Must Haves” to make your at home practice even…


Six Yoga Myths Debunked

  Yoga has been around for many years, and the rise in popularity is still increasing with its bounty of benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually. Let’s dispel some of the many myths about yoga so that they no longer stand in the way of you starting a yoga practice, and…


Breathwork for Relaxation

Do you find yourself holding your breath in times of stress? Maybe your breathing starts to become really shallow as you feel the tension rising. If so, then you will want to keep reading as we share about the practice of breathwork. Breathwork is a form of active meditation and…


Yoga Nidra For Sleep

Mental health and stress are two of the top contributors to loss of sleep, and if we can’t sleep, how can we lower our stress and improve our mental health? We can’t. It is a vicious cycle, so how can we solve this? Yoga Yoga Yoga! Yoga has many benefits,…


How to Advance Your COVID-19 Yoga Practice Without Burdening Your Budget

If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you may be having a difficult time expanding your practice during the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t boost your yoga routine, though, especially when there are a few budget-friendly ways to enhance your practice. Finding Discounts on Yoga…


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