Being Nimble with Online Yoga feat. Jenn Tarrant

Yoga is a unique workout format to teach online that requires slightly different equipment and set ups. With an online yoga class, the instructor is essentially trying to recreate the ambiance people enjoy in-person but now on the screen. In episode 4 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Jenn…


Microphones: Lavalier & Shotgun

Finding the appropriate microphone for your online workouts can make a huge impact. But where do you start? If you’re scrolling through Amazon not only will you find several options, but you will see there are a variety of types. In this tutorial we will explain the differences in using…


Yoga Online + Benefits of the Balance Platform feat. Denise Reaves

Where do you start when you’re looking to teach yoga online? In episode 3 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, we have guest Denise Reaves who is a yoga professional based in the Greater Phoenix Area. Denise is a current user of the Balance Platform, and shares the reasons why…


Growing Your Business Through Virtual Training feat. Aimee Nicotera

In the inaugural episode of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, we dive into filming and content tips with fitness professional Aimee Nicotera. Aimee is the owner and creator of the E5 Collective which is a new training format designed to reach a broad range of people with smart, effective fitness…


Maintaining a Growth Mindset Through Virtual Training feat. Brooke Johnson

Learning the ways of virtual training has been a rollercoaster for many fitness professionals. The steps to make your recordings look professional are not listed in a playbook and at the beginning of 2020 many instructors were going outside of their comfort zone to offer a professional service. In episode…


Tutorial – Using a USB Audio Interface

In this tutorial we go through setting up a USB audio interface. Using this tool allows you to connect a microphone line and a music line while teaching or filming a workout. In this tutorial we are using the Focusrite Scarlett Solo but please note there are a variety of…


How Balance can Help Combat Technology Adoption Procrastination

  With technology constantly changing, many find it hard to keep up with the latest trends and tools that are both convenient and useful. In turn, feeling as though you’re sinking into a sea of overwhelming amounts of new technology and systems leads ultimately to procrastination. Procrastination of wanting to…


How to Instill Your Passion for Wellness Into Your Students

  Sure, maybe you as an instructor are passionate about what you teach. But how can you get your students to feel the same way, if they aren’t already? Physical activity or wellness practices is frequently looked at with reluctance, as it isn’t usually associated with the idea of finding…


How To Boost Your Online Wellness Class Attendance

  The online fitness market is booming and expected to grow by 30% through 2026. According to Global Market Insights, “Rising health concerns coupled with the growing penetration of internet connectivity will boost the market growth.” Balance provides wellness trainers, instructors, and coaches with an all-in-one workflow management platform to…


How to Promote Your Teachings on Social Media Without Exploiting Your Body

  Have you ever been scrolling on social media and seen ‘fitness gurus’ with airbrush bodies and toned stomachs? Yeah, us too. Compare the feeling you get from viewing that type of content to when you see a post that makes you smile or inspires you. Completely different feeling, right?…


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