The Best Webcam for Streaming Workouts

If you’re streaming your workouts or creating content for an on demand library, one of the easiest and most affordable options for upgrading your video quality is purchasing a webcam to plug-in to your laptop or computer. One of the characteristics that any health & wellness professional will value is…


The Fit Pro Mom feat. Michelle Lasiter

Finding the time to teach group exercise classes as mom can be a struggle. Either your time is limited or you’re not sure if a gym would be willing to invest in you with a limited schedule. This is a position that many fit pro moms have experienced and in…


Upgrading Your Online Content feat. Sean Sewell

Creating quality online content is an important part of building your fitness business from a hobby to a career. Quality content is not only branded but is appropriate to your audience. In this episode of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Sean Sewell shares his insight into affiliate marketing, upgrading…


The Best Audio Interface for Online Workouts | Focusrite Scarlett Solo

When you scroll through Amazon looking for an audio interface or audio mixer, where do you start? What’s a good company? The Focusrite Scarlett Solo is an audio interface that is easy to use, and can be used for streaming workouts or recording content. In this review, Tyler Valencia goes…


Active Age Training Online feat. Mary Kennedy

When fitness instructors started to move online, teaching and cueing their clients became a new element to process. Instructors had to process how to manipulate clients into optimal positions and how to verbalize typical cues through Zoom? In episode 11 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Mary Kennedy shares…


3 Tips for Branding Your Business

Branding your business is a step that elevates it from a regular business to a professional business. Consumers these days have many options on the health & wellness market, and taking any steps to help your business appear more professional helps the consumer feel comfortable with their investment. The way…


Discovering Your Inner Wellness feat. Shannon Amrein

The last two-years have brought the importance of mental and physical health to the forefront of many individuals. In episode 10 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Shannon Amrein shares her work with Akashic and Shamanic healing, and how her business has transformed over the last few years. Shannon…


Intricacies of Creating Aqua Content feat. Christa Fairbrother

One of the most difficult locations to film workouts or content is at the pool. Whether it’s an indoor pool or outdoors, the water and nature creates a plethora of obstacles that instructors must overcome. In episode 9 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Christa Fairbrother provides insight into…


Framing Your Online Workout

Learning how to frame your online workout is one of the best steps to improving the experience for your members. Understanding the space inside the frame can improve how you move within your space when recording and what is not within a certain shot. In this tutorial we talk about…


Creating a Lasting Impact with Pretzel Kids feat. Robyn Parets

After finishing your instructor training, where do you go to start working? What are the next steps you take to grow your fitness business? In episode 8 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Robyn Parets shares how Pretzel Kids is growing in the kids yoga space and provides a…


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