3 Reasons to Jump on the Virtual Yoga Train

By: Emily O'brien


If you’re anything like us, yoga class was something to look forward to every week (or every day?!) as a way to connect, unwind, and sweat it out. Yoga practice has become a staple in so many people’s routines because, let’s be honest, it keeps us sane. Unfortunately, when the COVID-19 pandemic caused basically the entire world to shut down, many of us lost a healthy, wholesome, community-based outlet.

We get it. We miss our yoga classes too.

That’s why we’ve morphed our company’s services to include online virtual yoga classes. They are completely donation based because we know how important it is for everyone to have resources for mental and physical health during this time. We are so grateful for the opportunity to offer this to you! Here’s three reasons why:

  1. Community— Without Leaving Home

You don’t want to leave home, but you need yoga. And not a recorded video that you’re still just moving through by yourself. You want your community back. Balance’s yoga classes are live and you’ll be practicing with other yogis who are also practicing from the comfort of their own home. That means you and your yoga buddies can get back on the mat and experience your practice together again. (And maybe a post-yoga coffee Zoom date?)

  1. Interact with your Teacher During Live Classes

No need to guess if you’re doing it right. Just like during a regular in-person yoga class, your teacher will be able to see you and offer verbal adjustments or comments as necessary. Or, if you have an impending question that’s holding you back in your practice, your teacher is right there with you to provide answers. Even though you’re practicing at home, you’re still able to learn, grow, and improve with professional guidance the entire time.

  1. Variety of Class Styles for All Practitioners

There is absolutely no shortage of variety when it comes to our online classes. From Yoga Nidra, to Chair Yoga, Vinyasa, Slow Flow, and even Yoga for Stress Relief, we have the perfect class for you. There’s no limit on how many classes you can take— spend the whole day with us if you want to! And don’t worry; whether you’re completely new, or a total yoga expert, you are wholeheartedly welcome here.

We hope that by offering these classes, you’re able to find some peace during these times of chaos and uncertainty. Head on over to the “Online Classes” tab to enroll today. We can’t wait to see you on your mat.

Stay well, stay safe, and keep practicing, yogis!

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