3 Simple Meditations To Help You Get Present

By: Kylie Peterson

Meditation can seem intimidating if you’ve never tried it before or if it’s hard for you to sit still without acting on the impulses that cross your mind. There is an abundance of information online and in the world with so many types of meditations to choose from. In this article we promise to keep it simple and give you some basic practices that you can do at any point in your day to bring the gift of
presence to your life. Even if you’re well practiced in the art of meditating, these 3 simple meditation practices can help you get present and focused on the now moments of your life, bringing a sense of ‘All Is Well’ into everything that you do and experience all the amazing benefits of meditation!

1.] Quick Mindfulness Meditation Practice

The first one can be done whether you are setting aside time to meditate or while you’re busy with another task and notice that your mind has spiraled out of the moment and onto other things. This meditation helps you to anchor to the present moment. It’s a quick reset, especially if you are experiencing any anxiety or ruminating on the past. It only takes a few seconds and can be done multiple times throughout your day as a reminder that this moment is exactly as it should be and you are okay.

First, start by taking a couple of deep breaths. Then begin to note what you see, next note any sounds you hear, note the temperature and the way your clothes feel against your skin, then note the taste in your mouth. Do this intentionally and name a few things for each of your 5 senses. Once you are completely present with your surroundings and any sensations, bring your focus back to your breath and create a mantra that validates the contentment you just created by becoming present to the moment such as “I’m okay”, “I am grateful”, “All is well”. For example, “I see the sun shining through my windows, I see the plants and books around the room, the fan is on. I hear the birds chirping and people talking in the next room, I hear cars driving down the road. My clothes feel soft and comfortable. The temperature is just right in here and there is a slight breeze from the fan. I don’t taste anything but a cup of tea sounds so good! All is well.”

2.] Counting The Breath

This meditation is perfect for the times when your mind is busy and doesn’t want to slow down. It can be so frustrating when you are trying to relax, focus, or just let go but the chatter in the mind is going 90mph! This practice is also beneficial when trying to regulate the nervous system when the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism gets triggered. By focusing the mind on counting and breathing, what you are doing is creating space between you and the thoughts. This meditation is the practice of noticing and choosing where your focus goes. Remember you are not your thoughts, you are the one who notices.

First start by finding a comfortable seated or lying position. If seated, plant both feet on the ground. Begin by inhaling and counting to 1. Next exhale and count 2. Inhale and count 3. Repeat this until you get to 10. Then begin again at 1. Inhale on the odd numbers and exhale on the even numbers. If you lose count or count past 10 and notice, just begin at 1 again. If you notice your mind stops focusing on counting and drifts off into thoughts, no judgement, just notice and begin again. Do this until you are satisfied and ready to begin new tasks with a sense of peace, presence, and contentment.

3.] Moving Meditation

This moving meditation is creative and perfect for when your mind just doesn’t want to focus on anything except worries, stress, or to-do’s. It’s the practice of getting you out of your head and back into your body! There’s no way to do this wrong and it’s a brilliant way to tap into your body’s intuition and bring balance between the mind and body. First start by sitting and bringing awareness to your breath. Begin to stretch any way that feels good to your body. Hold each stretch for 15-20 seconds. Bring your awareness to the physical sensations and breathe into any tension held in the body. Release any tension as you exhale surrendering to each stretch. Listen to your body and stretch each body part while maintaining a steady breath. Stretch in ways that feel good and follow your intuition into movements that support you and nurture your body. It’s important to not strain yourself, there should be no major pain, or shaking involved. This moving meditation is about self soothing and bringing attention to everything below your neck and shoulders. Follow your breath and stretches until you feel complete and your mind is at rest.

It’s our hope that these 3 simple meditation practices will bring a sense of well-being to your life and give you the opportunity of being present. To learn even more basics of how to begin a meditation practice, contact our teachers!

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