4 Must Haves For Practicing Yoga At Home

By: Kylie Peterson


Okay, you busted me! You don’t “need” anything to practice yoga at home. The only necessity for doing yoga is your breath, which I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you have! Stick around anyway and find out about these 4 “Must Haves” to make your at home practice even better.

Like any industry, the yoga world has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to accessories, supplies, and equipment. Choosing what to buy can be overwhelming at times, especially if this whole yoga thing is new to you. 

So, let’s simplify down to the 4 most basic accessories that can help you get the most out of your practice no matter what stage you’re at! You can order each accessory from Amazon, simplifying your shopping experience without breaking the bank!

 1. Yoga Mat

Mats are great because it is the marker of where your practice is centered. They also provide a cushion between you and the ground so no matter if you’re practicing on carpet or a hard surface, your mat will help protect your knees and sit bones. Yoga mats become a sacred space for many practitioners so picking one that you enjoy is important!

There are SO many options for mats. If you’re just beginning a yoga practice and aren’t sure it’s for you, then I recommend getting a basic mat to start.  It’s non-slip, light weight, and there is a variety of colors to choose from! I used a basic mat that I scored from Ross for the first couple years of my yoga journey and it did the job! That way you won’t be breaking the bank during your experimental phase of beginning the journey.

If you’ve been practicing for a while and are ready to invest in a mat, my favorite is the Liforme Original Yoga Mat. It’s eco friendly, which is a huge plus, non-slip, has the original and unique alignment markers to perfect your form, and it’s slightly longer and wider than the typical yoga mat. I’ve been using mine for over 2 years and it’s still like new!

 2. Yoga Towel

This accessory is a life saver because once you get your heart pumping in a yoga practice and start to sweat most mat’s don’t have enough grip to suffice. It can be frustrating to slip-n-slide all over your mat while you attempt certain postures. Yoga towels are the best because you can just lay it right over the mat and relax into the postures knowing your hands and feet are grounded and the towel is absorbing any moisture.

 3. Yoga Bands

We love yoga bands because they really help to modify certain poses to accommodate and improve flexibility and strength. So if you’re worried about not being flexible enough, worry no more! Bands are the perfect accessory to help you advance. There’s a few different options for utilizing bands in your practice. The elastic band is awesome because it’s latex free to avoid allergies and is not a closed loop so you can adjust and stretch it accordingly to fit your practice. It’s five feet long and comes in a pack of 3 so you’re really getting a bang for your buck! Next, is the yoga strap. This one’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the stretchy fabric that other bands have. It is completely adjustable and won’t roll up or snap like elastic bands sometimes can.

 4. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are so useful to help aid in the deepening, stretching, and accessibility of postures. You will want to keep your blocks nearby when practicing yoga. They come in handy quite a bit and can be used in almost every posture by helping the floor come up to you. They are also lightweight and inexpensive! 

Now you know the most basic  “must have” accessories for an at home yoga practice to aid you in your journey! Leave a comment down below and tell us your favorite yoga accessories!

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4 Must Haves For Practicing Yoga At Home”

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  2. I want to keep doing yoga, but I want to ensure that I can do it at home. It makes sense that getting a good exercise pad would be beneficial. I’ll be sure to get one that doesn’t slip.

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