Benefits of Private Yoga

By: Emily O'brien

We believe high-quality yoga sessions should be accessible to everyone, regardless of where, when, or how you’re able to practice. Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to (or can) join a yoga studio. The truth is, you don’t need to attend studio classes to develop a strong yoga practice. What do you need, though, is a qualified teacher.
That’s why we created this platform for you. Nothing compares to having your own personal yoga lessons— it is hands-down one of the best ways to solidify and deepen your practice. If you’re unsure whether private yoga is the right option for you, here’s a few great reasons to give it a try:

On your own Time, in your own Home

Whether the idea of practicing next to advanced yogis is intimidating, your schedule doesn’t fit with a local studio’s class time offerings, or you simply prefer to stay home, private yoga sessions give you the ability to practice where and when you want to. You call the shots. You want a guided meditation class in your living room at 7pm? No problem. A sweaty yoga flow targeting your low back pain first thing in the morning? Consider it done. It really doesn’t get more accommodating (or customizable) than a yoga teacher coming to your home to give you exactly what you want that day.

One-on-One Attention with a Qualified Yoga Professional

Your life situations and physical capabilities are unique. With private yoga, you won’t receive generalized cues from a teacher who’s juggling 15 different students’ practices at the same time. In your personal yoga session, it’s just you and your teacher. The more you practice with your teacher, the more they learn about your personal patterns, strengths, and weaknesses, which gives them the ability to create a program that meets you exactly where you are. That means you receive genuine one-on-one interactions and the exact information you personally need to enhance your yoga practice safely and efficiently.

A Truly Supportive Relationship

In order to really see the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga, consistent dedication is required— and it’s not always easy. Sometimes we’re facing physical or emotional pain that becomes heightened when we get on our mat; but the only way to overcome our struggles is to face them. Private yoga teachers tend to have fewer students they work with, giving them the bandwidth to be a truly supportive pillar in your healing journey. They know the practice inside and out and have the resources necessary to guide you through uncertainties with light and knowledge. Eventually, your teacher becomes more than just a source of knowledge; together you cultivate a compassionate, open, and secure relationship that benefits both parties.

Yoga is a powerful science that has the ability to completely transform our lives for the better. Committing to a regular practice nourishes our body and mind in a way that enhances every other aspect of our daily living. Whether you’re a yoga expert or total novice, private yoga sessions will push you past your perceived limits and help you grow toward your fullest potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve the yoga community in such a beautiful way. See you on your mat!

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