Evolving Within the Fitness Industry feat. Aviana Garcia

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Working in the fitness industry takes grit and consistency to grow. Many individuals find themselves looking for a career change after a year or leaving all together because it wasn’t as easy as they thought. Being willing to grow and adapt your business is part of the process when being a personal trainer or group fitness instructor. In this episode of the Balance Podcast, guest Aviana Garcia shares how she moved states and grew her training business. Prior to moving out to Arizona, Aviana owned a yoga studio in Santa Fe, NM and was working as a fitness manager. When she moved out to Phoenix, AZ she began working one-on-one as a personal trainer and adding different aspects to help grow her training business.

In this podcast, Aviana also shares some of the struggles she went through mentally. Aviana shares her mindset going into her first bikini contest and how it helped push her to enter the fitness industry. Being willing to put herself out into the world is a trait that she shares with her clients and also helps her put out consistent quality content on social media.

Listen in as Aviana shares stories that helped her build confidence and grow as a fitness professional.

Learn more about Aviana Garcia – CLICK HERE.

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