How to Advance Your COVID-19 Yoga Practice Without Burdening Your Budget

By: Sheila Johnson


If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you may be having a difficult time expanding your practice during the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t boost your yoga routine, though, especially when there are a few budget-friendly ways to enhance your practice.

Finding Discounts on Yoga Gear

Having some basic yoga gear at home can help you take your yoga practice to a deeper level. If you need to pick up a mat or other equipment, shop online at your favorite stores that offer discounts, and then refer to a deal site like Rakuten. That way, you can amplify your savings with coupons and cashback opportunities, and you can even shop at stores with free gift offers. It’s a great way to get the gear you need without going broke.

Using Budget-Friendly Yoga Props

A yoga mat is a must when you’re trying to develop a more consistent practice, but investing in some extra yoga props can really accelerate your at-home practice. So as you sort through good deals, be sure to look for inexpensive props like blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets. Everyday Health explains adding tools like these to a home yoga space is a great way to make more advanced poses accessible and safe.

Connecting With Teachers Online

Having some hands-on help from an experienced yoga teacher now and then can do wonders for your yoga practice, but this may not be possible during COVID-19. Consider looking for local teachers and asking about specials or discounts for new students.

You can also get tips and tricks to further your home practice by following yoga teachers through classes online.

Downloading Free Yoga Apps

When you’re aiming for progress in your at-home practice, your smartphone can be an essential tool as well. For example, you can use your phone to set daily reminders to practice poses or even set goals for trying some new poses. If you need a little more guidance and motivation, try looking for free yoga apps that offer flows, tutorials, and notifications to enhance your yoga routine.

Starting a Daily Meditation

If meditation is not already a part of your yoga practice, you should consider adding it. In fact, experienced practitioners know that mindful meditation can be more important than a physical yoga practice, but Headspace explains these two self-care routines work best when combined. The term “mindful” is crucial here, so try to find ways to maintain awareness during your meditation sessions. Try counting your breaths or silently reciting a mantra, if you tend to get distracted by quiet.

Challenging Comfort Zones

Most people feel deeply relaxed after their yoga practice, and this sense of comfort is critical for your well-being. Still, sticking to your comfort zones can be counterproductive when you want to elevate your practice.
Instead of playing it too safe, try to find safe and gentle ways to challenge yourself with physical postures. If you’re still feeling a little anxious, having your new props handy can help but you can also use the wall for support, and of course, that’s a convenient and free prop!

Taking your love of yoga to the next level during lockdown can be simple and affordable, especially when you have helpful tips and tools to guide your journey. By making tiny tweaks to your regimen and your shopping habits, you can find safe ways to access new poses without spending a small fortune in the process. More importantly, you can challenge yourself with more advanced postures and develop a deeper connection between your body and mind.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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