How to Help Your Family Grow Closer and Avoid Tension During the Pandemic

By: Sheila Johnson


Self-isolation is one of the most effective ways for dealing with the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy on families. Even though the pandemic has been going on for months, your family might still be struggling to cope with the new normal. At the same time, tensions may also be rising as a result of all the time you’ve been spending together. Fortunately, there are many healthy ways to deal with tension and find more harmony at home. Learn about a few of the best methods below. 

Find Ways to Compromise

As with anything, you and your family members might have a different idea of the best way to deal with the pandemic. Disagreeing on things such as how often to clean or when to wear a mask can cause tensions to rise in no time. Like any other conflict you have faced in the past, it’s important to find ways to address disagreements you have about safety precautions. Leaving conflicts unresolved can cause tensions to rise even higher. 

Play Together 

In addition to talking through your concerns about safety precautions, you can help reduce tension by getting your mind off everything going on — even if it’s only for an afternoon. Playing board games and video games may be the perfect way to bond together. 

No matter what types of games you play, it’s usually a better idea to look for cooperative games rather than competitive ones. If you’re into online gaming, for example, multiplayer games like Minecraft or Fortnite are great choices for families. 

Even if you play cooperative games online, tensions can still rise if you have a bad internet connection. Before diving in too deep, consider upgrading to a connection with less lag that will let you enjoy games without frustration.  

Prioritize Exercise 

While gaming together is a great pastime, the downside is that it’s usually a sedentary activity. Even though you’re likely getting out a bit more now that restrictions are lifting, you’re probably still spending more time than usual at home. With that in mind, it’s still important to keep looking for ways to stay active at home. 

Exercise is good for your physical health, but it also helps reduce stress and anxiety, which can fuel tension within your family. Not only that, exercising together encourages you to communicate better and work as a team. 

There are many great types of exercise to do together, such as taking a socially-distant nature walk together or doing aerobics or strength workouts. However, you might also want to try doing yoga or meditating together. If you don’t know where to start, it’s easy to stream yoga classes from home or even enjoy one-on-one virtual instruction, thanks to Balance With Us. 

No matter what type of exercise you do, it’s important to keep in mind that fitness is just one part of the puzzle. Getting into healthy habits like eating right, taking rest days and making exercise a regular part of your routine are all important steps for improving your overall health.

Take a Mental Health Break  

As a parent, it can be hard enough to juggle the responsibilities of work and child care under normal circumstances. With the pandemic, it’s even more difficult to keep stress at bay while finding a healthy balance. 

Practicing self care, letting go of guilt and giving yourself something to look forward to are just a few of the ways to manage stress better as a parent, according to Treehouse Rehab. If these methods aren’t enough, though, you might want to look for alternative solutions. 

Using CBD oil, for example, can be incredibly effective for managing anxiety and depression. While CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t come with any intoxicating side effects. CBD can be taken in many forms, but one of the best ways to try it is an edible option like honey sticks, which can be stirred into your tea or spread on toast.

If your family is experiencing a higher level of stress than usual, know that you’re not alone. Talking through your conflicts, playing together, exercising and making time for yourself are just a few things you can do to cope better.  

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