How to Instill Your Passion for Wellness Into Your Students

By: Jamie Shimamoto


Sure, maybe you as an instructor are passionate about what you teach. But how can you get your students to feel the same way, if they aren’t already? Physical activity or wellness practices is frequently looked at with reluctance, as it isn’t usually associated with the idea of finding your passion in the type of exercises or practices people engage in. Unlike factors such as careers or hobbies where people often are determined to find their passion, exercise is often looked at as a chore. It’s viewed as something that people feel forced to do in order to tell themselves they’re living a “healthy” lifestyle without feeling guilt.

As instructors, it’s important for you to understand how to introduce and foster passion for your fitness or wellness lessons into your students. This way, your students can come out of your classes feeling a sense of reward and enthusiasm to come back again.

Here are some of the steps you can take to start instilling this passion into the students that you teach:

  • Be conscious of your students’ past obstacles and encouraging towards future goals:
    • Everyone is at a different stage of their fitness journeys, and everyone has different goals in mind. Think about how you could support your students’ journeys as an instructor as you engage with your community.
  • Emphasize the fun of it:
    • Understand the balance between a serious, intense workout class and a class that is purely for fun. It’s important to have both factors when instructing your students. You want your students to be motivated to engage in exercise to feel accomplished by the end of your class, but also enjoy their time throughout it as well.
  • Be understanding if your classes just aren’t for them:
    • Don’t feel offended if your type of workout or mindfulness practice doesn’t align with what your students’ enjoy. Acknowledge their efforts in trying something new and engaging in your classes, and encourage them to continue their journey towards their fitness goals.
  • Establish and emphasize the purpose of your class:
    • It’s key for your students to know why you’re teaching what you’re teaching. By knowing your purpose and motivating factors that are driving you to put on your classes, the better foundation your class will have. Thus, your students will have an easier time understanding the passion you as an instructor have, and begin to evaluate their own.

With that, knowing how to cultivate and share your passion for fitness and wellness with your students allows you to build a tighter-knit community. Whether it’s sharing a love for yoga, meditation, high intensity workouts or anything else, connecting with your students will come much easier when you share such eagerness.

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