Lighting: Where to Start? | Lighting for Online Workouts

By: Customer Support

This lighting tutorial is different from others as with online workouts, fitness professionals don’t really know about kelvins or what the effects are, but are more interested about the cost and if the light works well. In this tutorial we’re going to test each light, provide just a little bit of the specs, give you the cost and what we would recommend. In this breakdown we feature a DIY package that’s around $60, the Neewer 660 LED panel, and the Amaran 100d.

Amaran 100d LED Video Light (199.00) – CLICK HERE. 
Neewer Upgraded 660 LED Video Light (106.99) – CLICK HERE.
Neewer 2 Packs Bi-Color Dimmable 660 LED Video Light with Stand Kit (181.63) – CLICK HERE. 
Amazing Power 150W Equivalent Light Bulbs (19.99) – CLICK HERE. 
Photography Lamp Holder – Fancierstudio (9.99) – CLICK HERE. 
Amazon Basics Aluminum Light Tripod Stand (33.81) – CLICK HERE.

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