Microphones: Lavalier & Shotgun

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Finding the appropriate microphone for your online workouts can make a huge impact. But where do you start? If you’re scrolling through Amazon not only will you find several options, but you will see there are a variety of types. In this tutorial we will explain the differences in using a lavalier vs shotgun microphone. When you think about exercise classes, instructors perform a variety of movements depending on the format being taught. For example, when teaching an online HIIT class the instructor is moving side-to-side, on the ground and standing, and moving their torso all over the place. This type of dynamic movement can be a challenge for a microphone depending on which type you are using.

A lavalier microphone is typically attached to your neckline and can be a great option regardless of what type of workout format you’re teaching. Like most AV equipment, it’s a pay for what you get item. These days, a reliable lavalier microphone can cost you around $200 but it’s something that is integral to your set-up and will be one less item to worry about.

The second type of microphone showcased in this tutorial is a shotgun. This type is typically mounted on top of near the camera and captures the sound where it is pointing towards. The quality of the microphone and sound dynamics of the environment will play key roles in the quality of sound that is captured. The shotgun microphone shown in this video $24 and it has surprisingly worked with some workout formats. These types of microphones can easily range between $200-1000 and will be a pay for what you get item.

Regardless of what microphone you invest in, getting the right tool for the job will always make a difference. Improving your recorded content builds value for your clients and only showcases your professionalism even more.

Products Mentioned in this Tutorial
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Movo Shotgun Condenser Video Microphone – CLICK HERE. 
SYNCO Shotgun Microphone – CLICK HERE. 
Rode NTG4 Shotgun Microphone – CLICK HERE. 
Rode GO Lavalier Microphone – CLICK HERE. 
FotoWelt Lavalier Microphone – CLICK HERE. 

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