Creating a Lasting Impact with Pretzel Kids feat. Robyn Parets

After finishing your instructor training, where do you go to start working? What are the next steps you take to grow your fitness business? In episode 8 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Robyn Parets shares how Pretzel Kids is growing in the kids yoga space and provides a…


Flexibility within the Health & Fitness Industry feat. Agnes Goodwine

In the health & fitness industry everyone has different backgrounds and come from different experiences. That is one of the beauties of this industry which also allows for creativity. In episode 7 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Agnes Goodwine shares her experience with joining the health & fitness…


Which Lavalier for Online Workouts?

Finding an all around lavalier microphone can be a huge boost for your online workouts. If you’re filming content for an on-demand library or streaming to your members, investing in a lavalier microphone can be a piece of equipment that gives you the same output no matter where you are…


Adapting Your In-Person Training feat. Ron Trujillo

< Fitness professionals generally have a good idea of what a group class will look like online but what about one-on-one? A major component of personal training is the ‘personal’ part… being able to manually manipulate someone or visually walk around them to look for improvements is part of what…


Lighting: Where to Start? | Lighting for Online Workouts

This lighting tutorial is different from others as with online workouts, fitness professionals don’t really know about kelvins or what the effects are, but are more interested about the cost and if the light works well. In this tutorial we’re going to test each light, provide just a little bit…


Expanding Your Online Workouts feat. Kristi Taylor

Two years ago, the fitness industry was struck by the pandemic and it left a lot of fitness professionals searching for new career avenues. Creating and selling online workouts has been a breath of fresh air for instructors that has opened up new opportunities for generating income and allowing them…


Being Nimble with Online Yoga feat. Jenn Tarrant

Yoga is a unique workout format to teach online that requires slightly different equipment and set ups. With an online yoga class, the instructor is essentially trying to recreate the ambiance people enjoy in-person but now on the screen. In episode 4 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Jenn…


Microphones: Lavalier & Shotgun

Finding the appropriate microphone for your online workouts can make a huge impact. But where do you start? If you’re scrolling through Amazon not only will you find several options, but you will see there are a variety of types. In this tutorial we will explain the differences in using…


Yoga Online + Benefits of the Balance Platform feat. Denise Reaves

Where do you start when you’re looking to teach yoga online? In episode 3 of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, we have guest Denise Reaves who is a yoga professional based in the Greater Phoenix Area. Denise is a current user of the Balance Platform, and shares the reasons why…


Growing Your Business Through Virtual Training feat. Aimee Nicotera

In the inaugural episode of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, we dive into filming and content tips with fitness professional Aimee Nicotera. Aimee is the owner and creator of the E5 Collective which is a new training format designed to reach a broad range of people with smart, effective fitness…


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