The Magic of Daily Gratitude

In Ayurveda, an ancient science of holistic living, as well as in Western medicine practices, it’s agreed upon that stress is the number one contributor to chronic diseases. Between the dramas of daily living and the to-do lists that seem to only get longer, it can be challenging to slow…


The Secrets to an Amazing Yoga Practice

What makes a strong yoga practice? With so many amazing, beautiful yogis on Instagram wearing expensive leggings, doing handstands and putting their legs behind their head in front of a gorgeous waterfall, we can be left feeling, well, less than adequate in our own yoga progress. While there’s nothing wrong…


Benefits of an At-Home Yoga Practice

Practicing yoga at home even just once a week can elevate your practice and connection to self. We’re not saying cancel your yoga membership or stop seeing your favorite private yoga teacher. We’re not even suggesting practicing alone at home is better than any other way to practice. We 100%…


The Value of Yoga

You can’t know yoga by talking or thinking or reading about yoga. You come to know yoga by developing a consistent, daily practice. As the saying goes, “Yoga is 99% practice, 1% theory.” In the actual, tangible practice is where you’ll bear the fruit. It can be tempting to practice…


Finding the Perfect Yoga Teacher

In the same way that not every person you meet is going to be your new best friend, not every yoga teacher is going to vibe with you. It doesn’t mean they’re a bad teacher or you’re “not meant for this whole yoga thing”. You just haven’t found your ideal…


Benefits of Private Yoga

We believe high-quality yoga sessions should be accessible to everyone, regardless of where, when, or how you’re able to practice. Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to (or can) join a yoga studio. The truth is, you don’t need to attend studio classes to develop a strong yoga practice. What…


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