Slowing Down & Tuning In

By: Kylie Peterson


Ever have those days where you are running around, going at what feels like 90mph? Getting things done, processing current events, managing your personal life, families, work, healing, and all of the things in-between?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We live in a society where “hustling” is normal and even romanticized. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with leading a busy life, in fact it often feels really good to perform at a high level and experience that sense of accomplishment. Hang with me for a bit though, because it gets deeper. 

The world is changing and changing fast! The polarization in politics, the movement for equality, and the fear of a global pandemic is impacting every one of our lives. It’s an intense time, full of questions, introspection, communication, and taking responsibility for our own beliefs, opinions, bias’s, and behaviors. It’s totally normal to feel a little discombobulated and it’s my intention to share why slowing down and tuning in is now more important than ever. 

What does it even mean to “Tune In”?

Tuning in is the intentional practice of acknowledging your own inner workings, from physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, and pain. I know, it sounds scary but it’s beautiful on the other side.  By shifting your awareness to your inner world you are giving yourself the gift of your own presence. All it takes is a pause from routine, turning your attention inward, breathing, and listening. Honestly, when’s the last time you stopped in reverence of yourself? 

Why would anyone need to Tune In?

No one “needs” to tune in, it’s a choice! Simply making the choice to tune in is empowering because you are telling your subconscious and your heart, “I’m here, I’m listening”. This is important because it’s often too normal to experience neglect, abandonment, judgement, shame, and rejection throughout our lives but we rarely acknowledge how much we inflict these things onto ourselves. By beginning the practice of tuning in we immediately extend compassion to ourselves and the parts that have been suppressed and oppressed get to have a sigh of relief and space to just be. It’s the choice of raising your own consciousness and living with intention and purpose.

How do you Tune In?

First, start by making the commitment to yourself that whatever comes up for you when you do tune in, that you practice relentless self compassion. We have to be willing to look at ourselves and acknowledge all parts of ourselves, not just the parts we like. It can feel uncomfortable and we are really good at being our own worst critics. So, make the commitment to be good to yourself! 

Then, turn your focus inward. Ask yourself, “How do I feel?”, “What needs my attention?” , “What do I need physically, emotionally, spiritually?”, allow your own stream of questions and answers to arise. 

Next, notice and note what comes up. It could be sadness, over analyzing, judgement, confusion, joy, appreciation, etc. You might realize you need to move your body more or eat healthier. You can find that you’ve been extra stressed lately. The point is, to just notice, unattached and without judgement. It’s a practice, so be easy on yourself as you acknowledge what you stumble on while you sit and quietly reflect.

Journaling is a great way of sorting through anything that comes up as well and can often help to untangle any thoughts and/or emotions that may feel mixed up. Writing everything out helps you see clearly, in black and white, pen to paper. It also helps to just write whatever comes up because more likely than not, once you clear space by writing any and every thought in your head, clarity comes in and the answers you already possess from within can be seen, felt, and heard.

Okay, I tuned in, now what?

Now that you have tuned in, it’s your job to be responsible for what showed up. Acknowledge and honor yourself, feel your feelings, and own it. After you’ve taken the time to just be, it becomes more clear what’s serving you and what can be let go of. It’s a process of moving through the feelings and nurturing yourself. Being this honest with yourself is an act of self love and healing so acknowledge your courage and let your intuition lead you to your next steps. You will be amazed at your own ability to resolve any misalignment within yourself. When you tune in, you begin to discover just how powerful you have always been.

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