Spiritual Bath: DIY Energy Cleanse

By: Kylie Peterson


Ever have a run in with someone where you get this weird feeling like something isn’t right or makes you uncomfortable? What about those conversations that just leave you feeling drained afterwards? How about the conversations or experiences that light you up and get you energized? Or when someone walks into a room and everyone notices when they do? These are the vibrational frequencies that we are all giving off, all of the time! 

We are around so many different people, situations, and events every single day; we are constantly picking up subtle energies from all of these direct and indirect interactions. Not only that, we are also sending out our own energetic frequencies through our thoughts, emotions, and words. Due to our own energy field constantly taking in and giving out vibrations, the surrounding energies that we come into contact with will affect our own energy. Our energy body is constantly readjusting itself to bring us back into harmony, but sometimes the negative energies we encounter can linger and accumulate over time.

It’s natural to ebb and flow in our attitudes and moods but we don’t often ask ourselves if the energy we are in is actually our own; that’s why this DIY Energy Cleanse is an amazing practice to implement into your self care routine. This Spiritual Bath will help you release the energy that isn’t serving you, cleanse your aura, and balance any energetic imbalances you’ve picked up as you relax and rejuvenate. You can check out the physical benefits as well! 

The difference between a ‘spiritual bath’ and a regular bath

If you’re like me, then taking a bath isn’t something you’re drawn to do. I love and prefer showers for their ease and cleanliness. I also occasionally take meditative showers by setting the intention of cleansing my energy as the water pours down over me, and into the drain. Furthermore, regular baths or showers used for physical hygiene do produce a sense of relaxation and promote overall well-being; even without the added intention. Spiritual baths however are much different. They are a ritual, intended for spiritual hygiene, to cleanse your personal energy body, and revitalize your subtle senses. The end result of a spiritual bath is refreshing, rejuvenating, and a deeper sense of inner peace. 

Set aside 20-60 minutes of uninterrupted time to devote to this practice.

Set The Space

Always start with a clean space. Clean your tub, straighten your counter tops, and make room for the things you want to be surrounded by during this practice. Anything you bring into this practice such as plants, crystals, or candles should be intentionally picked to invoke a sense of your intended energy cleanse.

Choose a scent you want the air to be filled with during your spiritual bath; whether that’s diffusing essential oils, lighting some candles, or burning incense. It’s totally up to you, just make sure it’s a scent that makes you feel good or that is associated with how you want to feel.

Choose a sound to play. I love listening to calming meditation music or frequencies such as binaural beats during my practice. You want to stay away from songs that have lyrics, think instrumentals- piano, wind instruments, singing bowls, acoustic guitars, etc. Pick something that gives you a sense of calm when you hear it and set the volume to a comfortable and peaceful level.

You can add or subtract anything from what’s mentioned already, trust your intuition and bring in or take out what you feel called to. Always think in terms of what makes you feel good when you set your space up. Feel free to use Sage and Palo Santo during any part of the process.

Fill the tub with warm water for your comfort.


Bath Ingredients


Clear Energy

  • Salt : Natural salt is one of the most powerful ingredients to release any kind of negative debris lingering in your energy.. Pink Himalayan salt, natural sea salt and Epsom salt are great and are easily available. Never use regular table salts because they contain anti-caking agents and have gone through a refining process that has removed many of the beneficial minerals. Use 2-3 good handfuls or less.


  • Baking Soda: It’s a mixture of bicarbonate and sodium ions that dissolve in water and has tons of benefits when bathed in both physically and energetically. Use ¼ cup-2 cups.


  • Lavender: Whole buds boiled in water or essential oils to promote relaxation by it’s calming effect on your mental and emotional space. Use enough to produce aroma.


Other Spiritual Bath Options

  • Carnations: Fresh pink and red carnations, boiled in a pot of water with honey and coconut milk, strained to keep the liquid as ingredients for the bath are said to help soothe a broken heart.


  • Rose Water: Boil fresh red or pink rose petals until all of the color is out of the petals. Let cool and add to a warm bath to uplift your mood and practice self love. Feel free to add in some extra petals, fresh or dried, to your bath for extra aroma.


  • Herbs: Herbs have been used for years as plant medicine and there’s a lot to choose from. You can find options here, as well as their benefits.


  • Ready Made: If you don’t have time to prepare your ingredients you can purchase ready made spiritual bath sets by doing a quick internet search. 


Important note: It’s important that you set a clear intention for the purposes of a spiritual bath. Use salt and or baking soda to clear energy and feel free to add essential oils for the aroma and added benefits. Use other herbs, flowers, and plants separately for a variation of a spiritual bath practice for their intended purposes.


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Disclaimer: As always please consult with your doctor, I am not a medical professional and the information and techniques presented here do not constitute medical advice. Healing and medicine are two very different disciplines. Nothing I’m presenting here is meant as a replacement for regular medical or psychiatric care, and you should always seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or practitioner in the case of illness, or whenever you’re in doubt about trying out any new health boosting techniques. 

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  1. I’ve always done my salt baths exactly like this and have been doing this since a child. Oils & or herbs in my bath, tea, & water. Creating your perfect space is so important. Because, I feel like that’s the first energy you’ll feel or come in contact with when getting out of the bath, clean & cleansed of all stagnant or negative energies. So very important to set your space with all that makes you feel happy, energized, love, calm, ect. Without doubt you will feel the difference!!! Absolutely love this!!! Thank you

  2. Emergency spiritual baths when the wheels are coming off are fine with a blessing, or a prayer, and a handful of ordinary salt. Even a cup of water infused with love & cleansing is enough in a pinch.

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