The Fit Pro Mom feat. Michelle Lasiter

By: Customer Support

Finding the time to teach group exercise classes as mom can be a struggle. Either your time is limited or you’re not sure if a gym would be willing to invest in you with a limited schedule. This is a position that many fit pro moms have experienced and in this episode of the Balance Podcast, guest Michelle Lasiter shares experience and mindset during these times in her career. Michelle is the mom of two young boys and roughly 6-years ago left her position as Director of Group Exercise for a major fitness chain in Phoenix, AZ. Michelle shares what the decision was like when she left her director position and what the next few years looked like when she decided to get back into teaching group exercises classes.

An interesting point in the podcast is when Michelle shares advice for fit pros going into their interview process and what it was like from the managers perspective. This advice can hopefully help those with limited availability and give fit pros the motivation to get back to following their passion. Michelle also shares what she has liked about teaching classes online. Over the last two years, Michelle has dabbled in online workouts which has been flexible on her schedule and allowed her to work from home.

Learn more about Michelle Lasiter – CLICK HERE.

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