Tutorial – Using a USB Audio Interface

By: Customer Support

In this tutorial we go through setting up a USB audio interface. Using this tool allows you to connect a microphone line and a music line while teaching or filming a workout. In this tutorial we are using the Focusrite Scarlett Solo but please note there are a variety of options on the market. An interface or mixer can be used to connect your music device and microphone to a streaming platform like Zoom, Facebook Live or Vimeo.

Products Mentioned in Video
Scarlett Solo –  CLICK HERE. 
Phenyx Pro USB MixerCLICK HERE. 
Yamaha AG03CLICK HERE.  
Beringer UM2CLICK HERE.  
Rode VXLR Plus XLR to 3.5mm Female TRS AdapterCLICK HERE.
Movo XLR Microphone Adapter  – CLICK HERE.
1/4 to 1/8 Cable Stereo Audio CableCLICK HERE.
Rode Go Lavalier MicrophoneCLICK HERE.
Amazon Basics Computer SpeakersCLICK HERE.
¼ to 1/8 AdapterCLICK HERE.
FotoWelt Lavalier Microphone (knockoff Rode Go)CLICK HERE.
Additional Lavalier to Attach to Rode GoCLICK HERE.

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