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7th International Day of Yoga

By Consulate General of India, Birmingham

  • Fees : $0.00 Date: 06-20-2021 Sun
  • Time: 10:30 PM Total Hour(s): 450 Minutes

As the world is combating COVID-19 crisis, one thing that we all have learnt is that healthy living is vital and imperative for a long and happy life. UK is now preparing to come out of COVID-19 restrictions, therefore it is important that we all strive towards a healthy life style. The 7th International Day of Yoga on June 21, 2021 presents a unique opportunity for all of us to begin this new chapter with some exercises for our physical and mental health.

Come and join us on a virtual session of Yoga to celebrate the '7th International Day of Yoga'. Our Chief Guest on the occasion is BRAHMA KUMARI (BK) SISTER SHIVANI , who will be joining us all the way from India.

Points to note for the virtual event:

- The event will start at 7.30am with words from our dignitaries and a special message from the 'Chief Guest' followed by the 'Yoga Protocol' which will last for 40-45 minutes.

- Please wear comfortable clothes while performing yoga

- Please avoid any heavy meal before the session

- Please note that at any point during the session if you feel dizzy or cannot perform a certain exercise, we request you to sit down and relax

In case you have any underlying health condition, please take medical advice before participating

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