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7th International East meets West Conference 7th International East meets West Conference

By East Meets West

  • Fees : $0.00 Date: 06-17-2021 Thu
  • Time: 12:30 PM Total Hour(s): 8
On June 17th, from our online studio in Poland, we stream the conference to audiences in the whole world.

17th June.2021 (9:30 - 17:30)


We used to live in a world that was perhaps not always peaceful but that was never in a complete turmoil. But this has changed and our LGBTIQ community, as active player in society, cannot ignore this reality. As we might not always be aware of what is exactly changing around us, East meets West wants, in the 2021 Conference, to tackle this very challenging topic of ‘Change’ and ask the question how to 'ride these waves of change‘.

The Changes are revealed in different ways. The LGBTIQ community in Central- and Eastern Europe has certainly undergone changes. So we will bring you an updated picture of the daily LGBTIQ reality in the different countries. As we also want to put a special focus on Poland and its challenged LGBTIQ community, the 7th International East meets West Conference 2021 will be sourced from the Polish capital Warsaw. East meets West set-up a local Studio and will stream the Conference to audiences in the whole world.

But Changes have appeared also in our daily activities. Just consider the new ways of communication and the need to speak a different ‘language’ if we want to reach our communities. We read about the 'New Normal’ but without knowing what it will mean for all of us. East meets West will present speakers and run discussions that will not only open your eyes for these changes, but at the same time show you ways to adapt your existing approaches and become even more successful.


The Program 

The East meets West Conference does not only reach out to the many NGO’s and business professionals we work with, but we offer a balanced program of key speeches, active panel discussions, specialists interventions and master type classes to everybody who is interested in the well being and strengthening of the LGBTIQ community.

Full Conference Program is available for your download

The agenda is filled with a variety of topics, treated by international speakers who will not only cover specific subjects, but gradually they will lead you to a better understanding of the Conference’s theme. It will become clear how also you can also contribute in giving the LGBTIQ business community the push to get their rightful place in the business community.

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