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Most people have so many questions when they first come to yoga that they don’t know where to begin.
Here, we offer up some of the most common questions and answers.

Pricing & Payments

Balance helps you find and enroll into online group classes and workshops that you can attend from the comfort of your home. In addition, you can also book a online or in-person yoga, meditation or other wellness sessions with our experienced instructors for 1:1 or small group private sessions or events. We provide an extensive list of Yoga types to choose from for your private sessions and match your request with a vetted, certified Yoga/Meditation instructors (teachers) available in your area at the specified time. At your appointment time, a instructor will offer you unique learning and practice experience at your own comfort and pace. All you have to do is stretch, inhale, exhale, and enjoy your yoga session. For other wellness and fitness sessions, special instructions will be provided by the instructor.

Instructors on Balance are trained, certified, and experienced yoga and wellness instructors and coaches with years of teaching and practicing experience. The teachers on Balance use their skills to bring the vibe and benefits of Yoga and meditation to your homes and offices virtually or in-person.

Our pricing for live classes and workshops is listed on each class page and calendar. If you are a class pack holder or a subscriber, the pricing you see may be different. Our monthly membership plan includes unlimited regularly priced classes ($8 or less). For premier classes and workshops (more than $8), the members will pay the difference between the drop-in rate and the regular price ($8 or lower).

For all pricing plans, visit: https://www.balance-withus.com/pricing

Each private session cost is different depending on the instructor of your choice and the length of the session. You can find more information on prices in the search results. A typical in-person private session is $75, and online private session typical fee is $60. Our pricing for private sessions may also vary by number of participants and time of the day. If you are a monthly member, you will get 10% or more discount on private sessions.

You search for available instructors in the area or at the time you specify, Balance lists are all quality yoga instructors available at the time specified. You have the option to choose any instructor you want from the list and proceed to book a session with them. All instuctors have profile pages that you can read and review their specialities, ratings and reviews before you choose a instructor that you like.

Yes, absolutely! After your first session with a yoga instructor using Balance, you can Click on ‘Re-book Appointment” to re-book with that same instructor right from within your account on Balance.

Payment is handled securely within the website.  As a member you must have a valid credit or debit card on file to make a payment.  While booking a session, you will follow simple steps to make a payment. All payments and credit card information is managed by a third party payment processor.

Donations and Tips are optional, but always appreciated! If you feel your instructor has done an excellent job, we recommend adding one! Simply click on the option to tip after the session is complete and enter a custom amount. You can also add a note of appreciation in the Review for your instructor.

At Balance, we use a two-way star rating system for private sessions and classes. After a session is complete, both the instructor and member are prompted to rate each other on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the best. If you feel that you have been rated unfairly, please let us know at info@balance-withus.com

An online session is different from a studio class by giving the member the ability to fit their health and wellness regime in at their convenience. It cuts down on drive time and additional expenses attending an in-person class at a studio usually entails. It also provides an option when social distancing is necessary as the health of our members and instructors is a top priority to Balance. Other differences include the option of having your camera on or off at your own discretion and the ability to be in the comfort of your own home as you participate in the practice.


You may email info@balance-with.com at any time!

Feedback & Review

You can see your rating when you navigate to your profile.  Go to "Profile" > "Reviews"

After a session is complete, and both parties can rate each other, writing a more detailed review is optional. Simply use the free form text box that is provided to write a more detailed review.

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