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Personal profile page with intro video, specialties, photos, social media links, reviews
Schedule online classes & events
Schedule pre-recorded classes
Schedule in-person classes
Set up recurring classes and events
Offer class series & workshop series
Offer private 1:1 and small group sessions
Text message reminders
Email confirmations, reminders, and notifications
Customer reviews & feedback
Set up availability for private appointments and special events
Setting up promotions and coupons
Booking Revenue Sharing
90% 100% 100%
VoD Revenue Sharing
90% 100% 100%
Special Events/Workshops with Balance (e.g. monthly event)
General Webinars, training
Provide services to Balance’s corporate and special clients
Custom package creation for classes, events and videos
Teacher Circle Meetings, Private networking
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Receiving tips and donations from members and followers
Class recordings
Recording attendance and participation in classes
Personalized messaging to members
Add custom services to offer
Social media and marketing guidance
Business development guidance & support
Instructor promotions & highlights
Calendar sync with iCal, Office 365, Exchange, Google Calendar
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60 days Until Canceled Until Canceled
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