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From an early age I knew helping others was a passion of mine. Whether it was through giving advice to friends or acts of service I always felt that this was the work that I was good at. Although, at the time, I did not know I would make a career out of it. I spent most of my youth and teen years studying performing arts and used Yoga as a way to warm up my body, but as my practice deepened, so did my knowledge of Yoga. I later realized the transformational and healing benefits of Yoga and how the lessons learned on the mat can be integrated off the mat. I became inspired to awaken people to this message and further my own studies. I decided to leave my home state of Connecticut and put Performing Arts down to ground in Tempe, Arizona where I underwent ‘Unity’ Yoga Teacher Training Program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I am also certified in Sound Healing, Yoga for Prenatal, Yoga for PTSD, Thai Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Reiki III, Hatha Gong, and Restorative Yoga.
Yoga, Guided Meditation, and Sound Healing are how I mainly choose to help individuals. I know and believe that these modalities can help assist in deep healing. They have provided purpose to my life and continue to in many ways. I look forward to expanding my knowledge with new healing modalities and practices as the years go on.
I currently am nomadic and take my modalities with me on the road. In my spare time I spend time in nature often hiking and relaxing by water sources. Making music, dancing to music, and seeing live music are also hobbies of mine. I enjoy quality time with friends, a good book while sipping wine, and all the laughs and corny jokes once could need. I am always down for an adventure.
I really enjoy holding a creative and safe space where others can heal, be vulnerable, explore, play, and step into the best self that they can be through the power of movement, breath, meditation, vibrational healing and self-realization. This is the art of returning home to yourself.

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