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Philip Steyl

Philip is a dynamic yoga movement teacher, teaching since 2014. His style of teaching has developed into a systematic science base practice, incorporating progressive functional movement elements.
He starting his journey as an enthusiastic multi-sport athlete including triathlons, surfing and golf when he found that yoga added many benefits to his athletic performance, beginning his path to share his knowledge and experiences. As a Golf Professional and Golf Coach, Philip added yoga principals to his teaching philosophy with both physical and mental elements. He continued adding expertise from Tpi such as physical screenings, Eldoa and Movement Mapping from Justin Wolfer to help aid his students development.

In a general class students can expect to be challenged within their means, feeling grounded, more confident and connect within themselves.

One-on-one students can expect personalized yoga sessions based on their movement needs and goals. This may include a basic physical screening to determine mobility and stability movement patterns that might need attention.

Philip is always willing to guide fellow yogis, sports lovers and golfers through discovering their own movement potential, be it one-on-one or in a fun general class experience.

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