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Persephone Sephiroth

I've been teaching yoga since 2017. My love for yoga began somewhere around my teenage years. When I was 22, I picked up Christy Turlington's book, Living Yoga - and from there, I was hooked. I found yoga to be a great workout and a way to center myself.

After going through many different styles of yoga and wanting to do more with my passion, including teaching others, I enrolled in the YTT-200 program at Spirit of Yoga in Tempe, Arizona.

It transformed me in ways that no other modality has in the past. I found myself rapidly changing on a daily basis, and my passion for teaching exploded outward.

My classes are activating, and full of energy. I will push you to your edge, and breakthrough is indeed possible. I carry fierce energy in my life and allow all those who enter my classes to "invoke the inner animal",.



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