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Stacey L.A. Sinclair

Zen Stacey's life is a path of Love and creating a Global Community of Heart-Based Living.

Stacey coaches and facilitates transformation in those who want to awaken, for those who want to end all forms of pain and suffering such as anxiety, depression, stress, anger, fear and illness.

She calls upon brave and daring souls that desire to step into their purpose. She guides souls to follow their passions and live a life that they absolutely love.

Do you love and crave adventure, travel, exploring earth's hidden gems and high energy areas.

Are you seeking to connect with a tribe that shares your vibe.

Do you see value in connecting, growing in community and building synergistic connections where together, we help each other to succeed on all levels.

Is your soul searching for clarity, unwavering happiness and inner peace that comes from within?

Join for a class, a private 1 on 1 session, an event, workshop, retreat or Yoga Teacher Training.

Let Stacey guide you on your journey to connect more with yourself, life and with realizing, we are Aham Prema, Divine Love, we are One.

Much Love and Light



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