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Tina Chappel

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Tina has been studying yoga and meditation for more than 25 years. Trained as an actress, she was
certified as a yoga instructor in 1998 by eminent yogi Ana Forrest of the Forrest Yoga Circle and has
been teaching ever since. In 2003, she founded Yoga Jones in Ventura, California, the first studio in the area to offer a variety of yoga styles. She owned and operated the studio until 2016, and co
  • Hatha Blend (Hatha is a term that covers all the physical techniques of a yoga practice. An experienced teacher's blend is their custom mix of all yoga techniques they find most useful for their students)
  • Therapeutic Yoga (certified by Cheri Clampett & Arturo Peal) https://www.facebook.com/TherapeuticYoga/
  • Vipassana Meditation
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